Consternation Below Stairs – The New Album Is Here!

4th July 2024

I have never seen such excitement in the staff below stairs! When the breakfast cocktails failed to arrive this morning, I should have known something was up! Cloistered in my garret in the east wing of Dukes Mansions, I had been, however, only dimly aware of this morning’s tug of the doorbell.  And the arrival […]

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Giving it a Swerve!

11th January 2024

swerve VERB (1) to turn or cause to turn aside, usually sharply or suddenly, from a course. (2) (tr) to avoid (a person or event) NOUN (3) the act, instance or degree of swerving (4) the pseudonym of a musician, specifically a supremely talented keyboard player, warmly welcomed into the band by those all-electric rascally […]

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New album? Surely some mistake?

23rd September 2023

Just in case you’re wondering what all that banging and crashing is all about … We’ll be stopping soon. Honestly. We’re into the final stages. Racing down the home straight, as it were. The Dukes’ second album, ‘Golden Age of the Barber’s Chair’ is a mere spit and a polish away. Are we excited? Far […]

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2023. Said so, didn’t we?

18th August 2023

2023 then! We promised you, didn’t we? Well, didn’t we? Of course we did! And it’s been better than even we expected. Our first ever gigs at the Hope & Anchor (Islington) and The Dublin Castle (Camden) and our triumphant return to the Alfold Rock & Blues festival were all pretty special. But we’re not […]

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Twenty Twenty Three. Bring it on, son!

17th January 2023

‘Bring it on, son.’ And, as the great man, Herbert Fountain, once said, ‘Onwards and upwards. And occasionally sideways. Mostly at weekends. No man is a camel.’ (Thank you Lee Martin…) 2023’s looking proper tasty for the Dukes already. Gigs booked at iconic venues like the Dublin Castle in Camden and the Hope & Anchor […]

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20th November 2022

There’s only one place to be on the evening of TUESDAY 20th DECEMBER. The hottest ticket in town is the SLYDER SMITH & THE OBLIVION KIDS Christmas Show Spectacular, with guests HEALTHY JUNKIES and your very own SOHO DUKES! Polish your best boots and bring your noise to THE WATER RATS THEATRE in London’s KINGS […]

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6th June 2022

The Dukes are chuffed to bits to be appearing at the ALFOLD ROCK & BLUES FESTIVAL this year! JB’s gone a bit loopy at the prospect of sharing the stage with the likes of NINE BELOW ZERO and EDDIE & THE HOT RODS. And there’s so much more across all three days: CLIMAX BLUES BAND, […]

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Solo album from JB!

18th April 2022

For reasons best known to himself, JB’s recently recorded his own spoken-word album – and it’s available now! WIFE ON MARS, he’s called it. Daft. It’s difficult not to feel sorry for him. Quite how he managed to persuade Lee Martin (Blue Stragglers) and Stu Brand (Four King Hell) to lend their mercurial talents to […]

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Debut Album Release Date: 4th December!

7th November 2021

It's here

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19th September 2021

Welcome, you rascals! Welcome to the Dukes’ brand new home! Thanks for dropping by! Our home is your home, of course, so please do make yourselves comfortable while you’re here. Feel free to wander round and poke about in all the corners. There are lots of them. Can we get you anything while you’re here? […]

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