Consternation Below Stairs – The New Album Is Here!

4th July 2024

I have never seen such excitement in the staff below stairs! When the breakfast cocktails failed to arrive this morning, I should have known something was up! Cloistered in my garret in the east wing of Dukes Mansions, I had been, however, only dimly aware of this morning’s tug of the doorbell. 

And the arrival of the crates.

I should have liked to have been involved in the unpacking, but  – fearful of disturbing my rest – the staff had swiftly set about the task and it was a good half an hour before I was eventually treated to the sight of the contents of our surprise delivery. Thousands upon thousands of silvery discs! ‘GOLDEN AGE OF THE BARBER’S CHAIR’ had arrived at last! Two years of labour reduced to a package that might be concealed within the folds of a smoking jacket. The marvels of this digital age! 

A few of these trinkets will be available for sale when the Dukes appear at the ALFOLD ROCK AND BLUES FESTIVAL on Friday 5th July. Online sales through Bandcamp (using the SHOP) button on this very website will be up and running very, very soon. What a time to be alive!